The Gateway Playhouse of Bellport!

Hi, Friends!

The Spring season is in FULL swing here on Long Island and that means The Gateway’s main stage season has officially commenced! They have an amazing line up that you can look up here! Also known as the Gateway Playhouse, they are in preparations to celebrate an amazing accomplishment… their 70th anniversary!!!!! I’m very excited to hopefully bring you their festivities!

This past weekend, I attended their opening night of the classic musical A Chorus Line! It is well done; affective, great dancers. You can check out stunning pro pictures of the gorgeous cast here and my write up of the show here!

And the theatre is adorable! The outside looks like a barn (for real!), but it is incredibly welcoming and comfortable inside. And the staff is always around if you had questions. Parking could be annoying, but this mostly when leaving. If you take your time and be patient (gasp!), you’ll have no problems. When you arrive, staff members direct you to which lot to park. They have three on site; one to the right and left when you enter the grounds and then also one in back.

This weekend, I’m seeing another classic! Singin In The Rain opens at the Engeman Theatre in Northport! Excited for this one! Haven’t seen it in a while!

Anyhoo….I’ll close this post here! Have fun and be sure to check out your local theatre scene!



Happy almost weekend, everyone! So this weekend, I’m excited to see a great show at Theatre Three in Port Jefferson called Twelve Angry Men. It is a play (not a musical) previously on Broadway and I attended a local showing a couple of years ago. Let me tell you it is riveting.

The premise is a jury has just received a murder case and the show follows them deliberating. While they deliberate, they are under a great deal of pressure to come to a unanimous “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict. Tempers flare, things are said, ext. And, for the purposes this show, a guilty verdict also carries a mandatory death sentence.

It really makes you think of the cases that make national news and how the public is really quick to conclude that the suspect is guilty without really knowing everything that went on at the trial. This is a reminder to – even if it pains you – try to trust a jury; innocent until proven guilty. Something must have been said or evidence must have been presented to make them think that something is not right to convict. People aren’t stupid and I’m sure they definitely would convict if they are sure the suspect is guilty.

But I digress LOL It is a powerful show!

And I LOOOOOOVE the Port Jefferson area. The theatre is on a main street, so there are a lot of dining places, places to shop, and a beautiful marina at the end! It’s a little bit of a walk from the theatre, but when it’s nice out, you’ll be fine. Parking during the summer is a hassle, so be aware of your surroundings.

Anywhoo…. Everyone have a great weekend! My write up for the show will be posted next week! Enjoy the weekend!

Happy Weekend!

Hey, everyone!

LOTS to tell you about…

First, this delicious pizza place I recently found. Now, my home pizza place is Saviano’s in Bohemia, but I’m so glad I found this place. It is called DelFiore (Del Fee Or EEE) located in Patchogue right next to the Patchogue Theatre. DELICIOUS! I had a regular slice which was awesome! Then I also had to try (because I heard a lot about it) their stuffed garlic knot! It’s an oversized garlic know (think the size of a slider) with a round slice of eggplant, mozzarella, and a couple pieces of roasted red peppers. DEEEEEEELISH! You can eat in or take out. There is no waiter service (you order at the counter), but they do bring your order to you in the seating area if you stay. In what seems to be a real clean space, just make sure you look that the table has been cleaned off. And don’t get huffy if it hasn’t, they seem to get real busy. Check out their web site here! I always encourage people to check out Patchogue. They really have a lot to offer in entertainment, dining, ext.

Speaking of BroadwayWorld, I posted my latest! These are my picks for the upcoming Spring/Summer season! Check it out here!

Second, is a FANTASTIC showing of the Tony winning musical In The Heights at the GORGEOUS Engeman Theatre in Northport. A show that I adore at a theatre that I adore… kismet! LOL The cast is so talented and gorgeous; I am so glad I saw this incarnation. Had the Broadway showing still be running, I could see several of the actors as replacements. Check out my write up on BroadwayWorld here! I love the Northport area, too, particularly when it is warmer out. Lots of Bars and Restaurants, you can really make an evening out of it. My friend and I have a goal to hit every restaurant on Main Street! LOL

And last… I attended the current Broadway revival of the play The Iceman Cometh starring Denzel Washington! I tend to be drawn more toward musicals, but I was glad I saw this as it is a limited engagement. AND WITH DENZEL?! How cool is that! My BFF suddenly got tickets from her co-worker, so we knew it was meant to be. It is a LOOOOOOOONG show… 3 hours and 40 minutes. But they have a full intermission and two other “breaks” to stretch (but this is for them to reset the stage, I think… or to give the actors a break! LOL) I definitely recommend it!!! Click here for more info

Anywhoo, that’s about it for now. I’ll write soon! Have a great Easter holiday!

Happy Almost Weekend!

First, I have to tell you about this really fun event!

I truly feel that Hair is such an integral part of entertainment history. It’s been around for two generations now and it is still as relevant today as it was then.

Celebrating its fiftieth year, The Patchogue Theatre put together a fun concert version of the musical. I was especially thrilled they were able to get two people I liked from the early days of American Idol who also happened to be in the Broadway revival cast WHO ALSO happen to be married, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young. They also were able to also get the wonderful entertainer Lauren Molina and several people from Broadway and beyond. I’m grateful to my friend (who also joined me) in finding this event! Talk about good luck!

The Patchogue Theatre is sooooooooo beautiful, too. Should be after a million-plus dollar renovation! LOL Located right on Main Street, there are a million things to do before and/or after the show, so you can really make an afternoon/night out of it. My friend and I chose the pizza place right next door to the theatre called DelFiore. OMG it was DELISH!! I’ll write up on that soon! And another great theatre company, The Gateway, also books TPT for their shows.

See my write up here!

Anywhoo, this weekend I’m seeing one of my faves (In The Heights) at one of my faves (The John W. Engeman Theatre). My write up will be posted next week!

Have a great weekend!

Amazing Performance At The 2018 Oscars

I definitely wanted to share this AMAZING performance by Broadway vet Keala Settle from the 2018 Oscars. The song is from The Greatest Showman movie, which she was in. Her performance was so fantastic!!! See this incredible video below (short intro by Zendaya, then the performance)

BroadHollow Theatre Company presents Forbidden Broadway’s Greatest Hits at the BayWay Arts Center

This is such a fun show! I really appreciate when some things aren’t taken too seriously. Forbidden Broadway’s Greatest Hits takes Broadway’s favorite songs and re-imagines them into a very entertaining evening. The BroadHollow Theatre Company pretty much always has a great eye for their productions; I’m happy their local! They know their audience well and it shows in their selections for each season. These guys are a must if you’re a local theatre fan!

See my write up on BroadwayWorld here!

Ragtime at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre

I am so happy to have seen this remarkable show again! Heart tugging, affecting… And the cast is fantastic! Ragtime is the first show I saw on Broadway with Audra McDonald and it really sparked my love of live theatre. The score is heart tugging… I can’t say enough good things about it! And it’s not a happy story, but I like when I am moved by a story.

See my write up here!

Have a great weekend!

My latest on BroadwayWorld!

I am so thrilled to have caught this production! The Crucible is not a happy show, but very affecting which also something we should love in a show. And Merrick Theatre is SUCH an adorable venue.

Check out my write up here!!

This weekend I’m going to see one of my absolute favorites… RAGTIME!!!!!!! I am so excited; this was the first show I attended on Broadway with Queen Audra McDonald! The theatre I’m going to, The Noel Ruiz Theatre, is a wonderful company, so this one is bound to be special. Write will be posted next week!

Enjoy the weekend!

My write up of Once at the gorgeous Engeman Theater of Northport

WOWzers! This is an incredible production! I am so glad I caught this one! Heartbreakingly beautiful beyond words with top notch actors. You cannot go wrong with with the exquisite Engeman Theatre in Northport, that’s for sure. I don’t even mind now that I wasn’t able to see Once on Broadway because the cast of this caliber fulfilled that. Go see this one 🙂

See my write up here!

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